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hi! i'm reeza, and i'm #notasuhostan, i swear. lies.
i have a crush on kyungsoo and baekhyun's sunshine hair.
also, i like small, squishy things.


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you make my heart beat (faster)
— Suga/Jin. PG-13. 124347 words.
Everything's going too fast. One step forward, and Seokjin's tendering his resignation from a company he's been servicing for eight years. Two steps, and he's going out for interviews, reviewing a job offer, signing a contract, on the first bus to Sallim-dong. Three steps, and he finds himself trapped in an elevator with an ex who ran away from him years ago and with his faith in humanity in tow.

Enter the agency's Chief Creative Officer, and everything slows the fuck down.
(Warnings: mentions of alcohol consumption and minor characters making out under the influence (completely consensual, though), mentions of minor character death, mentions of family issues and self-destructive tendencies in the past. Please take these warnings seriously.)

— Written for [profile] elfscouts 2015.

☆ hi nini! so initially, i was hoping to make this fic a combination of around 3-4 of the first meeting prompts, but somewhere between me plotting things out and crying over yoonjin, i... sorta... got carried away with one of the first meeting prompts. haha ;; that said, i really hope you enjoy this! i recommend keeping a box of tissues on standby because some parts may be hella #relatable. i tried not to be obvious, but oh well. /yoongishrug.gif #swag #thuglyfe

also, despite all the warnings, rest assured that 1) 95% of the fic is fun and games; and 2) the fic ends happily!

as always, thank you to the gang for always cheering me on, for the support, for lending an ear whenever i needed someone to work out plot points with. to c, for the beta work and consults and for generally being such great support, thank you so much! lastly, many thanks to z and s for letting me throw chunks of this fic at them on the regular. your squeals and screams are my delight. i love you!

☆ an accompanying playlist is HERE, and the ending song is HERE.
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break of serve
— Suho/Kai, past Suho/Chen, past Suho/Jonghyun, with a dash of past Suho/Luna, Xiumin/Krystal, and Chen/Sunny on the side. PG-13. 52075 words.
— 0-15, joonmyun meets a university kid by the name of kim jongin. 0-30, he swings his racket for the first time in seven years. 0-40, he makes the mistake of watching jongin long enough for jongin’s shy smile to burn at the back of his eyelids. game, and their story begins. (Warnings: age gap, mentions of serious body injuries, self-destructive behavior)
— i originally wrote this for thegameseason but was never able to finish it ;; if and when i do continue it, most of the original plot will have to be reworked soooo, yeah! here's some sukai for all of you. have fun? c:

Joonmyun looks around him one last time and takes a deep breath. )
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head first and no regrets
— Jimin/Jeongguk. NC-17. 10200 words.
— there are pros and cons to working with jeon jeongguk, jimin believes. on the cons, in increasing order of importance: jeongguk comes to work late 75% of the time, it takes jeongguk approximately an entire hour to boot his brain, and jeongguk always asks for extensions. on the pros, however... jeon jeongguk might as well be the 'pro', himself. (Also available on AO3 and Livejournal.)

☆ this fic was built on the premise of this line that has been swimming in my mind for days now – "our jiminnie works so hard!" was supposed to be built on that, at least, but then Feelings happened and this Thing turned into... passionate lovemaking. and rina dearest, i know i promised full on thigh-fucking but um. yeah. happy belated birthday, jimin? ;; /waves pompoms, anyway

☆ that said, many thanks to bts corner, adele, chels, and shii for untiringly cheering me on as i cried over porn! ♥ for maximum feels, please listen to kodaline's one day. title taken from walk the moon's aquaman.

If you used your heart as much as you used your brain, hyung, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have had to ask me 'why'. )
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challenge the call
— Suga/Jin. NC-17. 108460 words.
yoongi didn’t miss the second serve; he made sure to aim it down the line. seokjin, that fucker, just got in the way. (Warning/s: mentions of minor character death, mentions of injuries, trauma due to bad experience with parents, discussions of homophobia/implied homophobia)
— Written for [community profile] thegameseason. An accompanying playlist is HERE.

☆ i can't believe it – it's finally over. 'challenge the call' is finally over. i'd originally written this for thegameseason, but in the end it became more of a declaration of love for suga/jin and tennis. i have no regrets, though c: many, many thanks to Corner a.k.a. #theyoongiproblem a.k.a the best bangtan buddies ever, thank you so much for cheering me on. to f, thank you for the fantastic beta job despite your busy schedule. to l, thank you so much for the 4 a.m. jinga talks, for helping me with the outline, for being the best jinga buddy ever. to 2As, c, j, s, and n, thank you for all the support and for believing that this fic actually has An End.
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little loves
— Sehun/Lay, Sehun/Suho, Sehun/Xiumin. PG. 1090 words.
— Sehun falls in love twice... and finds himself sharing a plate of tteokbokki with a complete stranger.
— For my beloved [ profile] xiukisses, on her special day ♥ Also available on AO3.

First crush, first love, and first time to be found. )
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